Why is it valuable for my pet to be with me while I complete drug and alcohol abuse treatment, and how will they help contribute to my success?
The love and loyalty your trusted companion feels for you are unmeasurable. Pets can offer the kind of unconditional love and support that human beings cannot. Your pet accepts you for who you are without any sort of judgment. Despite the way your addiction has negatively affected your relationship with your pet, they will never hold a grudge against you. Your pet will always be in your corner and eager to show affection towards you. What a wonderful companion to have during the challenges you’ll need to face while successfully completing drug and alcohol abuse treatment. What clinical benefits in support of my recovery can my pet offer?Reduced Stress levels

  • Lower blood pressure
  • Fight Depression
  • Decreased loneliness
  • Increased socialization
  • Encouraged participation in outdoor activities and events

What services are available for my pet while I’m in groups, therapy meetings and/or classes?

Daily walks, playtime, feedings and grooming are some of the services offered at our pet-friendly facilities.

 What items should I bring for my pet?

  • Leash and collar with ID tag and proper license (if applicable)
  • Medical and Vaccination records (in case of an emergency)
  • Food and Treats
  • Toys
  • Bowls
  • Bed or Crate
  • Grooming Supplies

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